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list of performed sequences

N. Seq. Saxophonist Date Place Sax link
001 ADFG Edoardo Capparucci 2013-05-02 Académie Rainier III, Monaco A  
002 ADFG Edoardo Capparucci 2013-07-25 Accademia di S. Luca, Roma A
003 FBGH Enzo Filippetti 2014-12-01 Birmingham Conservatoire S  
004 FBGH Enzo Filippetti 2014-12-09 City University London S  
005 DFBH Davide Lucente 2015-09-16 Conservatorio S. Cecilia, Roma S, A, BB
006 BFGH Enzo Filippetti 2016-01-08 Fondazione Scelsi, Roma S, A  
007 DBGF Davide Lucente 2016-01-22 Tana libera tutti, Teramo S, A, B  

Score - second version, draft 2015

Score - first version, 2013

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